A History, as Revealed by the Kitchen Junk Drawer

By Victoria Melekian

expired restaurant coupons from the old neighborhood, bread bag ties, hair band, tangled tape measure, wooden matches, half a packet of cut flower preservative, green plastic Brontosaurus, 37-cent postage stamp, a crazy idea, empty Scotch tape dispenser, calculator, one pill with no name, six inches of red Christmas ribbon, corks, chopsticks, broken pencil with a clean eraser, stiff paint brush, keys—lots of keys, one corroded C battery, faded take-out menus, dried Sharpie, flea treatment for the cat that died, snapped-off pieces of plastic that might be important, address stamp from three houses ago, a toy army man, hospital discharge instructions, a pink and white striped birthday candle, pile of mini bungee cords, bent two-of-clubs playing card, pot holder magnet, shot glass from Graceland, emergency ratchet for garbage disposal (or maybe the water shutoff valve), moving company’s invoice, small flashlight that blinks, five pennies, book cover accidentally torn off “The Hungry Bird Book,” crusty scissors, a couple of lies, train tickets for the trip north we’ll never take

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Victoria Melekian

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