A Welter

By Rick Bursky

We dug the pit, set the spit, then went to the pen to slaughter the pig and found him playing an almost-in-tune piano. I thought the same thing you’re thinking, how does he play the black keys? He used an upside down trough as a bench, played what I thought was “25 Minutes to Go,” which, by the way, I never heard on the piano but being a Johnny Cash fan I thought I recognized it. My brother said it sounded more like “My Lord Closer To Thee.” I don’t remember the pig actually ever looking at us, but he played faster as we approached. I kicked one foot against the other to knock mud from my shoe. It began to rain, drowning out the music. You know how these things end … we laid planks of wood across the ground as the rain came down harder.

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Rick Bursky

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