Lines and Circles

By Jim Pascual Agustin

after Kieslowski’s “Red”

Three red cherries deliver a flood
of coins to fill your bad luck jar:
worry instead of joy. Your own
way of preparing for a day bound
to be askew. The people you love,
just pictures and voices

from a past that wants
to hold you back. But there is
always something around
the corner: a dog that tries
to leave its owner, a man
who listens to the intimate

conversations of neighbours,
a future love who will hold
your hand as you catch
a glimpse of a watery grave.
It is rare to see a smile
behind a window shattered

by a rock. But it happens.
And you never know when
until the last jittery frame.


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Jim Pascual Agustin

Jim Pascual Agustin / About Author

Jim Pascual Agustin writes and translates in Filipino and English. His randomly updated blog is He is deeply saddened and outraged by the policy claimed to be an all out war on drugs by the current president of the Philippines who was placed in power by a plurality vote, and not by a majority. This policy has resulted in the terror-inducing surge of summary executions of anyone alleged to be illegal drug peddlers or drug users.

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