The Cockalorums

By Rick Bursky

I invented the broken pencil. All the old forms of outrage had become passé. My neighbor had already perfected the blank stare. Night after night, I saw see him standing in front of a mirror, rehearsing, perfecting, pulling his shoulders back with pride. It was just this sort of behavior that convinced a woman to accept his marriage proposal. If my attempt to patent the broken pencil is unsuccessful there are other inventions to discuss, a dog-shaped cloud drifting out to sea, for instance, my contributions here are substantial.

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Rick Bursky

Rick Bursky / About Author

My new book, I’m No Longer Troubled By the Extravagance, was out from BOA. My previous book, Death Obscura, was published by Sarabande. And my poems have appeared many places and many places including the AMERICAN POETRY REVIEW; FIELD, IOWA REVIEW, GETTYSBURG REVIEW, PRAIRIE SCHOONER, and ANTIOCH REVIEW.

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